About Me

About me

Tobias Waldenmeier

Who the heck is this guy and why is he taking photos of me!?

First of, if you've decided you'd like Tobias Waldenmeier to photograph an important event, thank you! I'm from a small town in Southern Germany called Weingarten (translated to Wine-Garden ... I know, right? We have the best wine and the best gardens).

Tobias has been living back and forth between California and Germany for some time now and have developed my hobby into my profession. I'm fascinated by human emotions, beautiful landscapes and all of the things that can be expressed in a single image.

It's not just important to capture the moment itself, but to do it with appropriate lighting and interesting perspectives that make it extra special.

I'm fluent in both English and German and would love to work with you be it for a private event, photoshoot or special occassion. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Do I really need a pro to take pictures?

My smartphone is pretty legit...

As a young and dynamic photographer, I love working with people. Photographers capture us during some of our most intimate moments in life and it's important that you feel comfortable with the person taking those photos in that moment. I know when to blend in and be unnoticed or when it's time to animate the guests at your event for that perfect group photo.

Being an external member to any group setting allows me to take photos from an objective point of view. Uncle Jim might be great with his camera, but if he's the only one taking pictures, your wedding might look more like Aunt Sally attending your wedding.


Every photo tells a story through the colors and styles being used. Although I have my own style, I spend a lot of time experimenting with different styles and techniques to be a diverse photographer that can offer you photos in a look that you prefer. Please take a moment to check out my gallery to get familiar with the different looks I have. And if there's something you feel is missing, I'd love to hear about it and make it work for you!


For every photoshoot that I do, you'll receive a contract from me. It's important that all of my clients are aware of what they can expect and their rights for any project you'd like to hire me for.


All of your photos you'll receive within 1-3 months after the event with a personalised link to the digital photos. This allows you to share them with anyone you'd like to and with the security of your personalised password. For larger galleries, such a weddings, you'll receive a USB stick with all of the photos. All photos are yours, so you may do with them as you like!